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Volunteer Consultations

Our volunteer consultations are offered by professionals trained and certified or in the process of being certified (level 2 minimum) to support emotional regulation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on their availability.
These voluntary consultations are for people with emotional difficulties.

If you are interested,
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▫️Contact the Certified Professional of your choice

About certified professionals who participate in volunteer consultations
Volunteer consultations are provided by professionals trained and certified by the Tipi Association as well as people in the process of being certified. These carers provide callers from all over the world with support through Emotional Regulation, which the Tipi Association offers to users.
The escorts are not there as mental health professionals. It’s not therapy. The guides will not give advice and have undertaken not to give any (this being a condition for being able to participate as volunteer guides).
In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call your local emergency services (police, fire department, etc.)

Contact a volunteer guide
To get in touch, you must call on a volunteer’s availability slot.
Volunteer chaperones do not take or accept calls outside of the scheduled hours.
If you would like to have consultations by appointment, we invite you to contact one of our Certified Professionals directly from our directory.
All calls must be dialed directly. Collect calls are not accepted.
The carers respect your wish to remain anonymous, if you wish.

Limitations of liability
By using the Volunteer Consultations, you assume all risks associated with the call of a volunteer companion.
The Tipi association can under no circumstances be held responsible for the actions of the caller or the escort during or after the use of this free service.
Some helpline volunteers, because of their professions, may have a duty to report crimes, abuses or intent to harm another. It is the appellant’s responsibility to clarify this with the accompanying person.
The caller can remain anonymous by making a request to the accompanying person.
Each caller and accompanying person is fully responsible for all interactions between them.
The Tipi Association is not responsible for the interaction between the two parties and accepts no responsibility for these interactions.

Your feedback
All comments, suggestions, complaints and compliments about your experience as a telephone support user are welcome.

Accept our general terms and conditions of use
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